Power Queen Plus (HB-D80-2)

Emergency mobile power for Laptop
Product Features
Piano-lacquer finished case design Can charge up to two phones at a time
Can charge a PC tablet Can charge a phone and a PC tablet simultaneously
External Buttons and Connectors
Product Dimension
Battery: Li-polymer
Capacity: 10500mAh
Micro input: 5V/2.1A(MAX)
Output: USB1 5V/1A(MAX)
USB2 5V/2.1A(MAX)
(Total power shall not exceed 10W when both outputs are enabled simultaneously)
Self-charging time: 6 hours(via 2.1A adapter)
12 hours(via 1A adapter)
Power Button: Press to start charging
Power display: Shown by 4 LED lights, each representing 25% of power
Dimensions: 77*143*17mm

MiLi Power Notebook (HB-B24)

The world’s first mobile power with a paper notebook
Product Features
The world’s first notebook mobile power, a combination of notebook and mobile power. Built-in input and output cables, no additional cables required; delivers a perfect charging and discharging experience.
Includes a notebook, refillable, with card and pen slots. Supports simultaneous charging of two mobile devices, maximum output 5V/1A.
External Buttons and Connectors
Product Dimension
Battery: Li-polymer
Capacity: 2400mAh
Input: 5V/1A(max)
Output 1: 5V/1A (Apple Dock)
Output 2: 5V/1A (Micro USB)
Self charging time: 3.5 hours (by 1A adapter input)
7 hours (by 0.5A PC USB input)
Power button: press to start the power supply, and stop it by holding the button for 3 seconds.
Power Indicator: 4 LED showing the power status, each representing 25% of total battery charge
Dimension: 236*175*40mm
Paper specifications:
Paper size: 145*210mm
Paper material: 160G woodfree paper for the front cover,
80G woodfree paper for inside paper
Number of sheets: 60